Payment and billing related questions/answers.

An initiation fee is charged to all paid users. The credit card you provide is charged monthly for 1/12 the annual fee of the plan you have chosen. You must ensure the credit card information is kept current for uninterrupted access to your account. 

The new plan rate will be charged to your credit card, monthly, for 1/12 the annual fee of your new plan, beginning the day you choose the new plan. When updating an existing account, you will not be charged the initiation fee again. 

We do. Once you have passed on, your assets will be released to your connections per your specifications. We will continue to provide storage and maintain your assets and connections for a period of two (2) years. This allows your connections the ability to come back to view assets at any time in the future.

Under the "My Profile", scroll all the way to the bottom. There, you will see your account summary and a button to "Upgrade" - click this button and follow the checkout process.

Under the "My Profile", scroll all the way to the bottom. There, you will see your account summary and a button to "View/Cancel Recurring" - click this button.The page will reload showing your complete history, and an option to cancel your service (we hope that you never feel the need to cancel).

To help say thanks to our active duty service men and women, and veterans, we offer bonus plans. The bonus plans add 5 additional assets to the user's selected account plan. For example, selecting a plan with 15 assets will result in the user having 20 assets available. These bonus plans do not cost any additional money (e.g. the user still only pays for the 15 asset plan), but do require that you prove your status with a government ID. To take advantage of this bonus, just send an e-mail to and include a scanned image of your ID (front side is sufficient).

While we do collect your credit card information at payment processing time, we do not store the information anywhere on our servers. Instead, the information is passed along to Authorize.Net. Authorize.Net processes all payments and subscriptions on our behalf. For the user, this simply means that as long as Authorize.Net tells us that your payments are current, we continue to keep your account active. If you need to change your credit card information (or upgrade your account) the same process is followed and again the credit card information is passed to Authorize.Net. Also, notice that all information is SSL encrypted during transmission to protect it further.