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My Own Last Words is a place to leave electronic assets for others to be distributed when you pass away. These assets can include documents, videos, photos, and audio files. Then you choose which assets to assign to your connections (friends and family).

An asset is a text, image, video, or audio file that you can designate to be distributed upon your passing. 

A connection is a friend or family member that you have added to your account. 

A bequest is an asset that has been bequeathed to you by another user. You will receive access to it when the owner passes away. 

Yes. You might consider scanning in your Will, as a PDF, and store it as a Document Asset.

No, the person may have his/her own account and may also be a connection in another account. Removing the connection from your account only removes him/her from your list of connections. 

No, if your connection creates a user account of their own, or is bequeathed assets by another user and notified of such, their account will show all bequests from all connections.However, they will not see how many or what types of assets, or have access to these assets until your passing. 

No, connections cannot see your assets until after you have passed away. Connections can see that you have left them assets, but not how many or what type. 

When you make a connection with a loved one, you may designate them as trusted. Please designate at least 2 connections as trusted. Using trusted friends and/or a death certificate, we will confirm your passing. A request for confirmation of life will also appear in your account. 

Connections do not need a paid account in order to access bequeathed assets. As part of the process of adding a connection, to a non-subscriber, a free account will be automatically created for the connection. They can login and view bequeathed assets and edit/update their profile. They cannot have connections or assets of their own however.