A safe and secure place to store and share your memories, documents, and messages for loved ones.


Leave important documents for your loved ones, including final letters, account numbers, passwords, safety deposit box info, life insurance info, wills, attorney contacts, etc. Use this feature to store information that is important for your loved ones to access after your passing. You may store files in all the standard formats.


Store audio files for your loved ones. This may be a song that you sing to your grand kids, a book you enjoy reading with family during the holidays, a religious passage, or just something you would like to say. You may store files in MP3 and other audio formats.


Share photos that represent the things you want to be remembered. You may store files in JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, and other popular formats.


Upload video messages, or family videos, to share with loved ones. You may store video content in most video formats, however your video files will be up-converted to the latest HTML5 standards to enable "in-browser" playback.

Each file you share may be individually assigned to connections with loved ones, to be opened after your passing.